As a mum to two sweet kidlets I know what it feels like to wish time would slow down a little (except at bedtime duh!). The transition from newborn to toddler to school kid - how fast does that go!

They don’t stay little forever :’) Let me help you freeze those precious moments before they are gone forever.

I’m a Brisbane family photographer here to help you document your family legacy through beautiful, timeless photographs.

I’m also a social introvert, lover of spicy food (hello Indian heritage!) and I enjoy watching Bluey more than my kids do.

Hi! I’m Sharon.

My mission is NOT just taking photos of your family.
It is to help you create some amazing memories with your loved ones.
Timeless, joy filled photos of you are the icing on the cake.

I have lived on three continents over the course of my life. I grew up in India, lived in England for a year as a university student and for the last 8 years Australia has been my home.

My fascination with the camera began as a little kid when I found my grandfather’s broken antique camera from the early 1900’s. I remember feeling absolutely fascinated that someone had thought of creating a device that will capture on paper what the eyes can see.

I have loved taking photos all my life, and I’m so grateful to be able to use my passion for photography to help special people like you have treasured keepsakes of precious moments to look back upon.

I love Jesus, both my personal and brand values are hugely derived from my Christian faith.

Apart from being a photographer, I am also a ceramic engineering (yes it’s a real thing) graduate, a homebody who loves to travel and the most untalented sportsperson in the world.

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